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NEW: Viking Books and Series
I have a new section on the website that is all about viking books both historical viking and norse fantasy.

NEW HBO Series: A Game of Thrones
HBO is producing a series based on the George RR Martin A Song of Ice and fire series of books. To be released early next spring and starring Lena Headey and Sean Bean.

The Massive list of Fantasy Series
Looking for a series to read? Here is the biggest list of fantasy series on the web.

Award Winning Children's fantasy books
Awards are a sure fire way to find the best books in Childrens Fantasy.

The Heroes of Fantasy
Learn about some of the top heroes in fantasy also find one by theme such as assassin, wizard, anti-hero or orphan turned hero.

The Top 50 Science Fiction and Fantasy books of the Century
As judged by the Science Fiction Book Club. Nice explanation and list of the books. Good Guide for the best reading in SF&F.

The Top Selling Fantasy books at
Take clues from what others in the fantas community are reading and buying

Writers Groups

This page has a lot of links to great resources for writers. At the bottom of the page is a set of links to a selection of essays from around the web for writers of fantasy and science fiction

Click here to join Fantasy_Writing
Click to join Fantasy_Writing

Yahoo group - Worlds of Fantasy This is a really active group with a lot of members. The conversations are active and they have a monthly book reading list. The group is composed of fans of fantasy, self published authors and some professional authors. So they have a good cross section of people.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America site provides information, practical advice, and news about reading, writing, and publishing SF/F

SFF Net is the world's premier site for genre fiction - science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, mystery, and young adult fiction. SFF Net is a large, bustling online community of authors, publishers, editors, and - above all - readers.
Millions of individual fans visit SFF Net every month. At any given moment, hundreds or thousands of members are online, taking part in discussions, reading stories, sending email, or chatting.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Round Table
Welcome to the Science Fiction and Fantasy RoundTable(SM), one of the many Forums of the Dueling Modems community. For over ten years, the SFRT(SM) has been the premier online community for readers and writers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Here you'll find exciting new services and familiar, friendly faces.

Author Network

Internet Research Resources for Science Fiction Writers

The Mythopoeic Society
is a non-profit international literary and educational organization for the study, discussion, and enjoyment of fantastic and mythic literature, especially the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams. Membership in the Mythopoeic Society is open to all scholars, writers, and readers of these literatures.

The SF&F Online writing workshop

Fiction Factor The online magazine for fiction writers

Book Surge Publishing Publish Your Book Today See your science fiction book for sale on Amazon and available to bookstores in just 4 weeks.

e-booktime The Science Fiction Publisher For You Science fiction publisher offering affordable, fast and easy publishing service. Get published in print and ebook. Earn high royalty. You keep rights.

SciFi -- Serving Writers, Literary Agents, and Publishers Since 1976 --
Aliens / Alien Abductions / UFOs, Alternate Worlds, Alternate Histories, Apocalypse, Fantasy,Feminism, Futuristic Societies, Gender, Ghost Stories, Retold Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends, Shapeshifters, Original Vampires, Parables,
Psi Powers, Religious Science Fiction, Space Travel, Speculative Fiction, Time Travel, Utopia / Dystopia

Canada's National Association for Speculative Fiction Professionals



Pitfalls of Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy, General Useful Information, & Other Opinionated Comments
by Vonda N. McIntyre

TOC About Writing science fiction
Menu of articles on writing written by professional SF/F writers.

How to write a best selling fantasy novel

How to create the fantasy world

Writing science fiction links at suite 101

Writing Speculative Fiction, by Mary Soon Lee

Advice For writers of epic fantasy - Thinking big

I also have quite a few articles and tips for writing fantasy - Check out the article list here




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