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Works by M.R. Mathias



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Works by M.R. Mathias

M.R. Mathias rose from unknown to award-winning, best-selling author at a pace most authors can only dream about. He is a prolific writer of epic fantasy novels, novellas, and short stories. Despite his busy writing, publishing, and promotional schedule Mathias continues to aid his fellow indie authors by posting about their books at Twitter and Facebook etc.

You can check out all of his writing on his page here: Works by M.R. Mathias

You can also check out his website here:








Here is a selection of some of his works. He has paperbacks, audio books and kindle books.


The Sword and the Dragon (Revised): The Wardstone Trilogy (Volume 1)

When the Royal Wizard of Westland poisons the king so that his puppet prince can take the throne and start a continental war, a young squire is forced to run for his life carrying the powerful sword that his dying monarch burdened him with from the death bed.

Two brothers find a magic ring and start on paths to becoming the most powerful sort of enemies, while an evil young sorceress unwillingly falls in love with one of them when he agrees to help her steal a dragon's egg for her father. Her father just happens to be the Royal Wizard, and despite his daughter's feelings, he would love nothing more than to sacrifice the boy!


The Complete Wardstone Trilogy

This kindle download contains:
Book One - The Sword and the Dragon
Book Two - Kings, Queens, Heroes, and Fools
Book Three - The Wizard and the Warlord



The Royal Dragoneers: (The Dragoneers Saga Book One) (Dragoneer Saga)

After struggling for more than two centuries to tame the inhospitable islands where they washed up, the descendants of the survivors of a lost passenger ship are now striving to tame a more substantial "Mainland" they have found.

For as long as mankind has been stranded, dragons have been their sworn enemies.

But no longer...


Confliction Compendium (Dragoneers Cycle One)

The Confliction Compendium is an omnibus edition of the Full Confliction Cycle of Dragoneers novels which includes a special "Amazon Exclusive" Foreward by Derek Prior,
The First Dragoneer,
The Royal Dragoneers,
Cold Hearted Son of a Witch,
and The Confliction,
as well as the first two Crimzon & Clover short stories.



Crimzon & Clover I - Orphaned Dragon, Lucky Girl (Crimzon & Clover Short Short Series Book 1)

It isn't wise to mess with a girl and her dragon, at least not these two.

A young dragon, named Crimzariathon, loses his mother to lair raiders and is left to fend for himself. A lucky girl, aptly named Clover, happens upon him and together they form a lasting bond. When more men come to raid the lair the two are forced to defend themselves, and each other, in a wicked battle. Magic, swordplay, and dragon riding glory await in this satisfying 25 page short story.  Crimzon & Clover One - Orphaned Dragon, Lucky Girl, is also available as a FREE Audio Book MP3 Narrated by Christine Padovan (( ))  This is a great read along combo! 


Crimzon and Clover - Collection One (Stories 1-5)

Before the Dragoneers, there were Crimzon and Clover. If you liked the International Bestselling Saga of the Dragoneers, then you have met Crimzon already. Before the old red dragon came around to help those young heroes, he and his own rider, a fiery red haired warrior named Clover, considered the whole world to be their playground.

It isn't wise to mess with a girl with a dragon, especially these two.

This is a collection of the Crimzon and Clover Short Stories to date.
This Kindle Book includes:

Crimzon and Clover One - Orphaned Dragon - Lucky Girl,
Crimzon and Clover Two - Tricky Wizard,
Crimzon and Clover Three - The Grog,
Crimzon and Clover Four - Wrath of Crimzon, and
Crimzon and Clover Five - Killer of Giants
The First Dragoneer - A Dragoneer Saga Novella. Show less


Through the Wildwood (The Legend of Vanx Malic Book 1)

A half-zythian bard named Vanx is in chains for bedding the Duchess of Highlake. The Duke wants him dead, but his wife secretly sent their daughter to buy his freedom from the slave markets. This is bad news, for bad things can happen to an ill guarded caravan in the mountains. When the duke's mercenaries attack to kill the adulterous prisoner all hell breaks loose. Now, the only way Vanx and the Princess of Highlake can escape the duke and his men is if they can somehow make it through the Wildwood, a place that no one has ever returned from before.....



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