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NEW: Viking Books and Series
I have a new section on the website that is all about viking books both historical viking and norse fantasy.

NEW HBO Series: A Game of Thrones
HBO is producing a series based on the George RR Martin A Song of Ice and fire series of books. To be released early next spring and starring Lena Headey and Sean Bean.

The Massive list of Fantasy Series
Looking for a series to read? Here is the biggest list of fantasy series on the web.

Award Winning Children's fantasy books
Awards are a sure fire way to find the best books in Childrens Fantasy.

The Heroes of Fantasy
Learn about some of the top heroes in fantasy also find one by theme such as assassin, wizard, anti-hero or orphan turned hero.

The Top 50 Science Fiction and Fantasy books of the Century
As judged by the Science Fiction Book Club. Nice explanation and list of the books. Good Guide for the best reading in SF&F.

The Top Selling Fantasy books at
Take clues from what others in the fantas community are reading and buying

Welcome to Scifilist
Best way to browse cover art. This is a database predominantly of cover art and pulp art.

Zoroastrians and Parsis in Science Fiction
Annotated bibliography to mainstream science fiction and fantasy literature with references to Zoroastrianism or Parsis. Zoroastrians ...

Book a minute science fiction and fantasy
This site is a riot. It has ultra-condensed synopses of
your favorite science fiction and fantasy books. When I say ultra condensed

The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Clichés
This is a great collection. If you are a fan of sci fi then you will love this. It's so true!

Planet X is an online community devoted to the science fiction obsessions of generation X
Pretty good site, well maintained, well organized and brimming with community input.

Shakespeare Eclectic Science Fiction Interactive Theatre
This page is basically a place for links to information about and scenarios for Interactive Drama, Freeform Role Plays, and Live Action Role Playing games.

The Moon in Science Fiction
The Moon in Science Fiction. Mankind's dreams of space exploration focused first on our closest celestial neighbor, the Moon. ... THE MOON IN SCIENCE FICTION. ...

Science Fiction on the radio

Science Fiction Cookbook
Recipes on how to cook your favourite aliens and other characters from science fiction and fantasy. SFC Forum. ...

Mistakes in Science Fiction Films

The Video Game Museum
provides screenshots, scans, endings, reviews, music and ads for over 10,000 video games across 30 systems.

The Science Fiction Theme Music Quiz

Quaker Science Fiction
Annotated bibliography guide to mainstream science fiction and fantasy literature with Quaker characters or references.

Libraries in Science Fiction
by James Gunn What is a library? A room or a building housing a collection of books? The collection itself? Or is it information organized into some accessible form?

Star Wars Origami

The Society for Creative Anachronism

This Day in Alternate History - daily calendar of alternate history events.

Shakespeare Eclectic Science Fiction Interactive Theatre

Science Fiction Fonts

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