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NEW: Viking Books and Series
I have a new section on the website that is all about viking books both historical viking and norse fantasy.

NEW HBO Series: A Game of Thrones
HBO is producing a series based on the George RR Martin A Song of Ice and fire series of books. To be released early next spring and starring Lena Headey and Sean Bean.

The Massive list of Fantasy Series
Looking for a series to read? Here is the biggest list of fantasy series on the web.

Award Winning Children's fantasy books
Awards are a sure fire way to find the best books in Childrens Fantasy.

The Heroes of Fantasy
Learn about some of the top heroes in fantasy also find one by theme such as assassin, wizard, anti-hero or orphan turned hero.

The Top 50 Science Fiction and Fantasy books of the Century
As judged by the Science Fiction Book Club. Nice explanation and list of the books. Good Guide for the best reading in SF&F.

The Top Selling Fantasy books at
Take clues from what others in the fantas community are reading and buying

Intergalactic Trading Company Inc In association with trusted online bookseller this company has everything a sci fi collector could want from star trek to pulps, movies, autographs, comics, cards and plenty more.Intergalactic Trading Co.,Inc. has been providing TV and Movie related Science Fiction collectibles to hundreds of thousands of mail order customers worldwide since 1977!


Otherland Toys The right place to shop for ‘Out of this world' Gift, toy and gadget ideas for all occasions. You will find weird games, wonderful electronic gizmos, whacky executive gadgets, boy’s toys, and girl’s toys.


Sideshow Toy Sideshow is a current manufacturer of licensed collectible products based on the following properties: The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Marvel Comics, James Bond, Aliens, Predator, Star Trek, The Simpsons, Terminator 3, Scarface, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Universal Studios Classic Monsters, Monty Python's Holy Grail, Outer Limits, Get Smart, Hogan's Heroes, Platoon, Twilight Zone, Army of Darkness, Highlander and many others. In addition, Sideshow manufactures its own line of historically accurate 12" collectible figures under the brands: Bayonets & Barbed Wire (WWI), Brotherhood of Arms (American Civil War) and Six Gun Legends (western characters).


Science Fiction Collectibles - a nice assortment of collectibles from figurines to card games


DragonWings They have a nice collection of costume accessories, dolls and marionettes.


Monsters in motion - collectible, hobby, and memorabilia


Strange New Worlds - Publishers for both the web and the real world
specialists in media and science fiction collectibles. This site has lots of great articles.


The Marvel Comics website


The Star Wars collectors archive


Final Fantasy Collectible Card Game


Miniature Fantasy Swords


The Dragon Gift Center


Collectible and Fantasy Knives


Collecting Science Fiction at Book


Collecting Vintage Science Fiction Paperbacks at Strange New Worlds


Creepy Creatures Collectibles


Fantastic collectibles


Recreation: Collecting: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror,_Fantasy,_and_Horror/


Collecting Wood Elves


Monster Cards of the 50's and 60's


Monsters in


Bug Eyed


Beam Me Up Scotty
Huge range of sci-fi collectibles available to purchase on line from the United Kingdom. Will ship worldwide.


Comet Toys
Check out this dealer's gang of robots from the 1950s, including battery-operated, vintage and wind-up toys.


Mark Bergin Toys
Find Martians, robots, space-patrol cars, moon men, and space dogs available for purchase, and use contact information for ordering.


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