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Viking Gold by V. Campbell



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Book review - Viking Gold by V. Campbell
review by Becky

Sixteen-year old Redknee never knew his father. Now his uncle is Jarl and wants Redknee to be a great Viking warrior. But Redknee is clumsy, and more interested in tracking the wild deer of the forest. When the young Viking stumbles upon a war-party making for his home, he must grow up quickly; the brutal Ragnar burns the village, taking for spoils only a mysterious book. Along with a small band of survivors, Redknee takes to the seas. Braving fearsome storms and volcanic islands, bloodthirsty foes and strange new civilizations, the Vikings soon find themselves far beyond the reckoning of their people. But why would Ragnar kill so many for a mere book? Will its tales of faraway lands and riches lead Redknee astray? Or does the book hold the key to his past ...and his future? V. Campbells' debut novel is a thrilling tale of action and adventure, of love and loss, and the power of an unlikely friendship; join Redknee as he seeks out his destiny on the shores of the Promised Land.

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Becky's Review

This book is the ultimate viking adventure and it all kicks off straight from the start and even before any longships have set sail. It's full of amazing and intriguing characters that no matter how close the reader gets you remain as suspicious as the main character Redknee of motives. So there is a strong element of loyalty, betrayal and the destructive power of secrets in this book. It is not as bloody and full of battles as some viking historical novels but it is aimed at teenagers, and I would be very suprised if a young teenage lad wasn't impressed by the sheer intensity of danger woven in this story as more often than not this group of vikings are simply battling with themselves and each other to survive in a world where the elements and seas more often killed you than the blade of another. The action and adventure never stops even for a moment so the reader is always gripped by the next new discovery or plot that is put into action.

It really is a great adventure story above all else and the best thing is, when you finally after much energy spent caring, worrying, encouraging and loving and even hating these characters, V Campbell gives a strong clue that after this epic saga this will not be the last we see of Redknee.

About Rebecca
Want to adventure throught the lands of the Vikings? The height of the Vikings is an amazing period of time and there is a lot of great fiction that is based on historical facts from that period and place. Rebecca Wilson has written a guide to the genre and to some of the best works in the genre.

If you are fascinated by the subject of Vikings you should check out her blog at:

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