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Valda & the Valkyries by Mark Neumayer



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Book review - Valda & The Valkyries
review by Becky

Loki, the Trickster, has a scheme guaranteed to make him the absolute ruler of
the Nine Worlds. The only one with a prayer of stopping him is Valda,
a 15 year old Dwarf girl who doesn't even know that she's a part of
his plan. Everything revolves around Valda... and a magic pendant...
and a raven... and some dwarves... and the gods... and the elves...
and even a wyrm or two. It's complicated, but Loki's plans are never

Available on both in hardcover and kindle: Valda & the Valkyries




Becky's Review

This was a real joy to read. Had me emotionally engaged from the start with the clear and strong characters. There wasn't a single stereotype to be seen. The world Mark has created with his norse mythology is truly amazing in its depth and detail.

He has created a unique nordic universe that is refreshing and as original as other nordic worlds I've read in other norse fantasies. His interpretation of the role of the Valkyries and the way they functioned is incredible, I loved the trials he created and how he picked up on how they also served the mead and food to the einherjar warriors, who too were great characters in their own right.

I loved the way he introduced the much forgotten characters of norse mythology, Mimir, Freki, Geri, Giants and even one of Odin's ravens Mugnin. The plot was gripping with each chapter - no wonder it only took me a few days to read. The ending was also breath taking - fits the 'they think it's all over' line.
Do hope he writes more from my new favourite valkyrie fantasy book :)

This book is also available in paperback:

Valda & the Valkyries




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