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Thunder God by Paul Watkins



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Book review: Thunder God by Paul Watkins
review by Becky



A young man, struck by lightning, is believed to be a keeper of the Norse religion's greatest secret. When war breaks out against the rising tide of Christianity, he must embark on a journey where he must confront his own gods, and the gods of a people yet more savage.

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Becky's Review

This work of historical fiction seems incredibly slow compared to the pace of modern viking historical fiction however it was written back in the 1990s.
On the whole though it is an interesting tale that spans continents and seas as we follow the life of one young norse lad who seems forever marked by the old gods when he is hit by lightning and survives.
He gets kidnapped by raiders, lives the life of a slave, saves an Emperor of Constantinople, joins the Varangian Guard, gets involved in a raid on a Welsh church, cast adrift at sea, discovers the ancient Incan/Mayan civilisation of southern America and all somehow makes it back to see the faith of the old gods finally overturned by Christianity.
There are not many great battles, no beserk warriors, and even the raid doesn't end successfully - it does give you a sense of how a fairly avergae and rather lucky Aesir believing norse-man must have seen his world expanding not only through trade and exploration but also due to the conquering power of Christianity.
It is what I could call 'classic' viking fiction and is not an entirely disappointing read - if you can not get frustrated by the pace of it.



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