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The Vikings by Magnus Magnusson



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Book review - The Vikings by Magnus Magnusson
review by Becky

The Vikings hold a particular place in the history of the West, both mythologically and in the significant impact they had on Northern Europe. Magnus Magnusson's indispensable study of this great people presents a rounded and fascinating picture of a nation who, in modern eyes, would seem to embody striking contradictions. They were undoubtedly pillagers, raiders, and terrifying warriors, but they were also great pioneers, artists, and traders-a dynamic people, whose skill and daring in their exploration of the world has left an indelible impression a thousand years on.

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Becky's Review

This is a very lengthily but never boring and always interesting book covering pretty much the entire history of the vikings, it covers all the key periods from the origins of the scandinavian countries, the myths behind their pagan beliefs, their development of seafaring boats, all the major explorations to Iceland, Greenland and Vinland, the invasion years of Anglo-Saxon England, including the decades of raids upon Gaul/Frankia (modern day France), the founding of Normandy by the Viking Rollo, the history and founding of Sweden, Norway and Denmark with all their turbulent royal histories, ultimately leading to the year of 1066 featuring William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy, Harold Godwinson, brief King of England and Harald Hardrada, King of Norway.
It has some fantastic colour photographs in the middle of great historic archeological finds and discoveries and of recreated longships and fjord landscapes.
Anyone interested in Vikings at all should read this book because you do learn a whole lot more that you might imagine. It is highly recommended.


About Rebecca
Want to adventure throught the lands of the Vikings? The height of the Vikings is an amazing period of time and there is a lot of great fiction that is based on historical facts from that period and place. Rebecca Wilson has written a guide to the genre and to some of the best works in the genre.

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