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Review of The Traitor's Pit by V.M. Whitworth



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Book review - The Traitors Pit by V. M Whitworth
review by Becky

Young cleric, Wulfgar, does not believe that his older brother is capable of treason. And yet Wystan stands accused of plotting to overthrow King Edward and place his cousin, Seiriol on the throne.

It is clear that Seiriol and the Archbishop plan to lead an army to conquer Leicester. The Archbishop is an empire-builder, and Seiriol is ruthless. Together, they appear unstoppable.

With the evading army continually gathering force, can Wulfgar unearth the evidence to exonerate his brother before he suffers a traitor's death...? m surprising allies along the way including a maverick priest and a Viking adventuress whose loyalties are far from clear.

Available on The Traitors' Pit (Wulfgars World 2)



Becky's Review

Traitor's Pit can proudly stand as a worthy and successful sequel to Bone Thief. We witness Wulfgar get embroiled in an emotional and legal dilema as he tries to save his brother from treasonous charges. However he is summoned away and finds himself in yet more political intrigue with lords of the north from Jorvik/York as part of his service for the Lady of Mercia. His loyalty has him sent to the danish strongholds of the north where he meets with the Atheling once more and is witness to a murderous coo for the Jorvik throne. But if you think that is the worst of Wuffa's troubes well dear reader Miss V M Whitworth has lots more in store including the appearence of the strong-willed and beautiful Cats-Eyes and everyone's favourite cleric, Ronan; as all three find themselves twoing and frowing as powers shift, fall and ally themselves with the Atheling and Wuffa's loyalty and love for his Lady and his Brother are tested to the limits of his body and heart.

Whitworth has a way with words that fills each scene, each character and indeed each chapter with such energy and depth of detail that as a reader there is no chance for boredom to set in; as the plot thickens, twists, turns, dives, surprises and shocks you as it carries you along through another impressive medieval tale of how one man finds himself nearly and always unintentionally at the heart of power struggles of the old English kingdoms. Whitworth doesn't rely on lengthly passages about the medieval landscape, architecture, smells and sounds. She gives enough to give a true flavour of where her characters lead us on their journeys but her dialogue is by far the strongest feature of the tale. Even when her characters say nothing at all as readers we still sense and feel what should have been said or why things aren't said. Each chapter may not be packed full of battles as most typical historical fiction is but the intrigue, the secrets, the hidden agendas, lies and truths make each one as tense and as dramatic as a battle scene. For we witness a battle of wills across kingdoms and through the minds of people who try to stay afloat in the storm of shifting powers. Whitworth's insight into the influences and powers of the churchs, bishops, priests and clergy at this time is engrossing and shows how even men ordained by God can be as corrupt as any Prince wanting to usurp a ruler's throne.

It goes without saying that the ending is the most tense, dramatic and belief-shattering yet as both reader and Wuffa realise in the harshest of ways that what we have fought and survived for through this incredible adventure may have not been what we were led to believe.

If you did enjoy Bone Thief then I can personally guarantee you will love Traitor's Pit. I am already counting down the days till the third Wuffa adventure is revealed.

Becky also have a review of the first book in the Wolfgar's World series : The Bone Thief



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