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NEW: Viking Books and Series
I have a new section on the website that is all about viking books both historical viking and norse fantasy.

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Book review - The Sea Road by Margaret Elphinstone

A haunting, compelling historical novel, The Sea Road is a daring retelling of the 11th-century Viking exploration of the North Atlantic from the viewpoint of one extraordinary woman. Gudrid lives at the remote edge of the known world, in a starkly beautiful landscape where the sea is the only connection to the shores beyond. It is a world where the old Norse gods are still invoked even as Christianity gains favor, where the spirits of the dead roam the vast northern ice-fields, tormenting the living, and Viking explorers plunder foreign shores. Taking the accidental discovery of North America as its focal point, Gudrid's narrative describes a multilayered voyage into the unknown, all recounted with astonishing immediacy and rich atmospheric detail.

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Becky's Review

This book truly shows the origins of Historical Viking fiction by demonstrating how any good historical novel doesn't just focus on the events featured but on the people those events effect.

In this case it was the life and travels of a young Icelandic womam called Gudrid and the transformation and dramatic shift her life takes as she grows up in Iceland where Christianity still vyes with the beliefs of the Nordic Gods, to then set sail with her father in the hope of meeting up with an old friend who left many years before, in the newest found lands of Greenland. From there she finds herself fated to marry several times after tragic deaths before the biggest challenge awaits her with her soon to be future and lifelong merchant husband, the journey to and settling over Vinland (North America). A land that is so foreign it has dangers that not even the old gods can protect them from

It is a remarably captivating book depsite the way it is narrated through several persepctives and reveals the life of nordic people in such magnificance and beauty you couldn't ever think of them as being related to those that raided and invaded Englands costs only a few hundred years ago when the story is set.

Definitely a classic to look into for any viking fiction fans.


About Rebecca
Want to adventure throught the lands of the Vikings? The height of the Vikings is an amazing period of time and there is a lot of great fiction that is based on historical facts from that period and place. Rebecca Wilson has written a guide to the genre and to some of the best works in the genre.

If you are fascinated by the subject of Vikings you should check out her blog at:

You can follow her on Twitter @soulchaserbecky.

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