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Review of Odin-Son by G. Alvin Simons



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Book review - Odin-Son by G. Alvin Simons
review by Becky

Pursued by a dangerous foe intent on extracting blood vengeance, young Magnus Thygard learns the old ways of the feared Norse Berserk. His mind and body shaped by fire and ice, he carves his way through a hostile landscape. Rescuing an Irish princess from certain death, they fight for survival amidst the time that men call the Dark Ages. Spanning from Norway to the turf longhouses of Iceland and climaxing in Ireland, the two of them wage a battle for the soul of her kingdom. Christian beliefs must look toward a pagan savior.Odin-Son, the Berserk Saga.

Available on in paperback: Odin-Son: The Berserk Saga


Here is the kindle version: Odin-Son:The Berserk Saga



Becky's Review

Now I have not yet published my work-in-progress book on Amazon Kindle but I do intend to one day but Odin-son: The Beserk Saga has shown to me that you must get the formatting/layout of the text right and most importantly readable before hitting the "publish" button. This book demonstrates the lack of aforementioned qualities of a good kindle book. From the beginning even the brief title and copyright details are all in mixed up case lettering, including each chapter heading, the dialogue is quite often all put on the same line which doesn't help the reader work out who's talking, on many pages the text is completely right aligned making it look awkward, when the story changes location/time/characters position there is no gap between the different paragraphs so you'll be reading about Character A in place B to suddenly find yourself in the next paragraph with Character C in location D which may well and often is across the seas and in a different land; and the WORST thing is repeated instances of this "sentenceswithoutspaces" aka sentences without spaces which makes it look like gibberish and uncomfortable to read. Sadly these fatal formatting errors which the author or editor or whoever is responsible for releasing this book somehow FAILED TO FIND AND CORRECT. This book should showcase for wanna-be-kindle authors as HOW NOT TO PUBLISH A KINDLE BOOK.

However, despite these cringe worthy mistakes the story itself, if you are persistent and determined enough to read through despite all the above, is truly fantastic. It suits the name saga as it covers many years, many lands, many people, many interwoven plots and agendas and reveals a great deal into the nordic psyche of viking raiders and an old irish kingdom before Ireland was one united country. It involves betrayal, theivery, kidnap, honour, cowardice, love, murder, treachery, courage, bravery, revenge, blood feuds, friendship, loyalty, plenty of bloodshed, great battles both between individuals and with armies, epic heroes and memorable villains. Each time the narrator switches location/time to follow a certain group of characters there is always an enticing mini cliffhanger on the latter scene which encourages the reader to read faster to return back to the orginal spot to learn what happened next and it is only that feast of cliff-hangers which pulled me through the rest of the book against such frustrating errors. I recommend it to those who can be drawn into a story despite superficial errors within the text and those who believe they must finish a story once started.

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