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The Godling Chronicles



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The Godling Chronicles

The Godling Chronicles:
The Sword of Truth (Volume 1)
The Godling Chronicles:
Book Two (Of Gods and Elves)
The Godling Chronicles:
The Shadow of Gods (Volume 3)


Note from Will: You have got to admire this wonderful story of how a novel, even series, was born.

Brian D. Anderson finds inspiration from son for writing bestselling Godling Chronicles

When 8-year-old Jonathan came home from school one afternoon, he could hardly wait to tell his father his great idea for a book. Good thing he did for the more than 10,000 readers who bought copies of Brian D. Anderson’s first two installments of The Godling Chronicles within the first three months of their release from indie publisher GMTA.

“When you first release your book, you daydream about people all over the world reading and loving it. You imagine your work hitting bestseller lists, and how your life will change as a result,” Anderson said. “But, when it actually happens, it brings mixed emotions.”

Anderson of course was very excited about his initial success but said that feeling also came with a “hint of fear and anxiety” as he wanted to be sure the next book in the series was just as good.

In the young adult fantasy series, readers are introduced to a hero by the name of Gewey Stedding who discovers in Book One: The Sword of Truth that he is the only being ever created by the union of two Gods. Gewey takes on the Dark Knight and other vicious villains, while also finding ways to unite unlikely groups in Book Two: Of Gods and Elves. Anderson releases Book Three: The Shadow of Gods on March 14, his son’s birthday.

“Based on his 8-year-old son’s vision, dad has churned out a paperback novel perfect for readers age 12 and up,” wrote the Staten Island Advance.

Melanie’s Book Addiction said she has “a love/hate relationship with fantasy novels. Once in a while I stumble upon one that will blow my mind away. This is the case with The Godling Chronicles.”

“Yet another 5 star book from an amazing author in what I am sure will soon be a #1 bestselling series,” raved Kenn’s Reviews, who just might be on to something as Anderson’s novels have consistently landed on Amazon bestseller lists including Top 20 in Epic Fantasy and Top 100 in overall books, as well as making it on the reading list for foster children in the UK.

Anderson grew up throughout Alabama, lived and worked in New York for years and recently made a home with his wife and son in Pensacola, Florida. He’s currently working on the next three planned books for The Golding Chronicles.


About the Author


Brian D. Anderson debuted as an indie author in fall 2012 with The Godling Chronicles , a multi-book young adult fantasy series from GMTA Publishing that sold 10,000 copies in just the first three months.

The continued and growing success of his first two titles, Book One: The Sword of Truth and Book Two: Of God and Elves , allowed Anderson to start writing full-time. He releases the third installment of his series this spring, and is already at work on the fourth and fifth novels.
Anderson was born in 1971 in the small town of Spanish Fort, Alabama and lived throughout the coastal state also in Fairhope and Mobile during college, where he developed a love of fantasy novels.

He lived and worked in New York for years with his wife and son - who created the original concept for The Godling Chronicles - and the family is heading back down south for a beach life in Pensacola, Florida.

Want to read a Questions and Answers with Brian? Check it out right here




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