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The Adventures of Prince Ziph



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The Adventures of Prince Ziph


Normally I am not a big fan of graphic novels. They always seemed to me to be a strange mix of comic book and novel! But every once in a while one comes along that is simply enchanting. And this graphic novel is one of those.

Meet The Adventures of Prince Ziph

Ever imagined how Mars was millions of years ago when it had oceans flowing on its surface ? And what about Martians ? They had such busy lifes that life on Earth was later most on their fault. And what about the meaning of life ? Does God have a beard ? Does it matter ? And what does all this have to do with Area 51 ? Who built the Face on Mars ? Is Heaven a private club ? Is life after death real ? How boring is it ? Who runs the universe anyway and does this entity have weekends ? This and plenty of other stupid questions will be answered in this fantasy saga spread over a few volumes so the author can get some extra bucks after two years making up all this stuff with watercolors, inks, acrylics and buckets of sweat so please buy a copy.


But let's take this a bit further. This is a riotous and insightful romp through a lot of different worlds and a lot of different themes. There is candy for the eye and food for thought here. It isn't just a picture book.

More Insight

This book is available in English and Portugues and is ready to download for as low as $1.25 from

But Here is something really special about this novel and about the authors website. There is a wonderful section called Project History that is just beautiful. There are lots of pencil sketches and some great comparisons of the first sketches done in 1988 side by side with the book release sketches. This is just a wonderful insight into the creation of a graphic novel.

The Authors Website: Which includes lots about this novel and the upcoming novel. Along with the early drawings and comparisons.

the adventures of Prince ZiphThe book is currently available at Lulu in both print and download forms: Ziphcomics at Lulu



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