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Twignibble by Henry, Josh and Harrison Herz - Illustrated by Debi Pickler

Twignibble is a fantasy easy reader for 2nd-4th graders. Twignibble is a very smart and mechanically adept sloth, with animal friends all over the world. When he learns that his friends are in danger from pollution and poaching, he builds a helicopter to visit them. Twignibble helps each friend by making them a special gadget. Kids love the cute animals and funny inventions; parents appreciate a book that promotes friendship, empathy, and protecting the environment. For more information, visit Available on here: Twignibble




Twignibble is a 1000-word easy reader for kids in 2nd-4th grade that's Frog & Toad meets MacGuyver. It will appeal to animal-loving kids and to parents who support conservation (and who want to encourage their kids to be empathetic and resourceful).

Twignibble the sloth learns that his animal friends are facing threats to their habitats, and races to help them. The mechanically-inclined Twignibble, knowing he could never walk to his friends in time, builds a solar-powered helicopter, flies all over the world, and engineers devices he hopes will help each of his animal friends.

Henry Herz is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators, and writes for the San Diego Children's Books Examiner. He and his young co-authors' first book was the fantasy early chapter book Nimpentoad . It has earned 86 Amazon 5-star ratings so far. Nimpentoad has reached as high as #8 in Amazon Best Sellers large print sci-fi & fantasy, and #1 in Kindle Best Sellers large print sci-fi & fantasy. The father-sons team has been featured in Young Entrepreneur, Wired GeekDad, CNN iReport, Fictional Frontiers, the Warner Brothers' website for The Hobbit movie, and The trio is looking forward to attending this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

You can learn about Nimpentoad right here


About the Authors

Josh and Harrison Herz are elementary school students who enjoy fantasy stories. Josh's hobbies include parkour, building with LEGOs, and painting Warhammer miniatures. Harrison plays basketball, and collects Yu-gi-oh cards and KidRobot vinyl figures. Both are big fans of The Lord of the Rings, the annual Comic-Con convention, and have an entrepreneurial bent.

With design help from their dad, they started three web-based businesses selling LEGO party favors, custom cast bases for Warhammer, and painted concrete yard sculptures. Henry Herz's love of the fantasy genre began in elementary school with "Where the Wild Things Are" and "The Lord of the Rings," and continued by playing Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer. Struck by inspiration one day, Henry began a fun project with his two bright young sons, who share his joy of entering the magical realms of fantasy. Together, they wrote this tale. By day, Henry is a management consultant who also teaches after school enrichment for elementary school children.




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