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The Witch's Hand by Wendy Joseph



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The Witch's Hand by Wendy Joseph

Malaxia, the most formidable witch in 13th century France, chooses young Liana as her protégé and successor. But does Liana want to be the most powerful and destructive witch in the world? Hounded into the wild by the Church, she receives unexpected help from the vicomte and lost soul Jettaret, a returned Crusader with PTSD, and his rascally friend Alberge. Will Liana throw in with Malaxia, or choose another route?



"You are my heiress now." --Malaxia

"I am not a witch! " --Liana

"St. Michel the Archangel,
get down here." --Jettaret

"I have wept for the living and the dead.
What good did it do them?" --Alberge


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About the Author:

Wendy Joseph vies with her characters for a life of romance and adventure. A deckhand on merchant ships, she has outrun pirates off of Somalia, steered ships large and small through typhoons and calms from the Bering Sea to Shanghai, and helped rescue seals on the Pacific coast. Believing history must be lived, she has crewed the 18th century square-rigger Lady Washington, the steamer Virginia V, the WWII freighter SS Lane Victory, and the moored battleship USS Iowa. She has shared her food with Third World workers and starving cats. A musician, she sings sea shanties, her songs, and with classical and medieval choirs. Her passion is for works of the imagination, for telling a really good story, and for connecting with the minds and souls of readers and taking them to a magnificent and finer place. Researching THE WITCH'S HAND In France, she traced the paths of her characters over the terrain they covered to get the description right, and dug up old documents for historical accuracy. Her plays GARGOYLES, BOOKING HOLD, and THE HAMLET INTERVIEW have been produced to audience and critical acclaim, and she appeared in ther movie Singles. She holds two Master's in English and can splice a twelve strand line. Ashore, she holds court with her cats Jean Lafitte and Bijou in the wilds of Washington State.


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