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The Tanarian Chronicles by Wayne Schrieber



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The Tanarian Chronicles by Wayne Schreiber


About the series:

The books really follow the trail of Merlin the magician after he was finished in the old English tales - In my books, he feigned his death and moved to another world (although this isn't really apparent to the 3rd book) The story really follows the aftermath of his legend and imprisoned children (now elevated to gods in the mythology of the new world).  The story mostly tracks a totally new group of characters - based around 'Athene' a woman who is immune to magic and the extreme lengths magicians will go to achieve their own aims.  There are plenty of twists and turns and battles along the way to ensure that the line between good and evil is not so clear cut. 


Arise A Hero (The Tanarian Chronicles)

The world's old Gods lie dormant, imprisoned for centuries in a timeless rift.  For many years they have accepted the fate of their actions, yet the people who still roam freely have not.  A small sect of fanatical magicians, led by Bellack, a sinister and heartless spell weaver have not forgotten the powers that the old Gods once possessed and seek to secure their God Queen's release to gain both her love and immortality.  With the discovery of a large crystal deep in the Tanarian mines, the sect believes it has found a catalyst for their powers to break free their Queen.  They will stop at nothing to acquire the crystal and, after their offers are refused, drag nations to war for their dark aim.  Using their magic to tip the scales of war in their favour they force an order of Generals, the Su-Katii warrior elite to their will, as they alone will hold the key to victory in this war.  Only Barrad a new initiate to the Su-Katii luckily escapes the brotherhoods control.  The stage is set, but Tamar a renegade wizard, has subtly been working for years against their cruel plan.  He recruits Barrad and an escaped slave Tress to aid his cause, she is a highly resourceful and accomplished thief with the ability to destroy the brotherhood's dreams.  Bellack's magic unwittingly reveals a new possibility to achieve his goal - Athene, a sweet young girl oblivious to her past and the power that surrounds her.  Realising her potential, Bellack unleashes an unstoppable warrior from a forgotten time to hunt down and apprehend Athene.  Following their hearts, an unusual alliance is formed to struggle against the forces tearing their world apart.  An enemy can be a friend, and a friend, an enemy.

The Crystal King (The Tanarian Chronicles)

Two prominent nations have locked horns on a collision course of destruction, a fight that will bring one side to its knees. Faced with overwhelming odds, the Tanarian nation flounders as the ravages of war extract a heavy toll, with the invader pushing ever deeper into their lands, their fate will surely soon be sealed. Yet they still have one advantage, Tamar the magician, the greatest mastermind of their time fights for their survival and his own. He fights evil in his own uncompromising way and hopes to exploit a potential weakness in the massing forces they face. However, he can only work with the limited tools he has; a maverick warrior filled with his own agenda and fuelled with the lust for revenge, a misled thief, and a king who may yet turn against him. Only on Athene, a lady gifted with an immunity to magic, can he depend upon in this struggle - but perhaps he asks too much of her? Only through his manipulation, deception and an iron resolve have they any hope of survival.


Usurper of the Gods (The Tanarian Chronicles)

The Tanarian nation has its back against the wall as the wolves close in for the kill. Under siege they hold out with their hopes invested in a trusted few. Athene, a young woman with a special gift holds the answer, unfortunately everyone in the seat of power knows this and she is faced with a dangerous choice - release her friends or unleash a greater danger into the world. The lines of good and evil are forgotten in their fight for survival and the magicians of the world play a dangerous game of manipulation. Yet there is always hope.




About Wayne Schreiber

I'm just an easy going middle aged man that suddenly woke up one morning and remembered that I totally love fantasy and wanted to try and inspire others with the things that make me happy.  I have done my fair share of serious things in life, serving in the military for twelve years in the RAF Regiment and now spending as long working a standard day job in IT.  But after my mother died a few years back I remembered that there were things from the past that I needed to revisit - thankfully Fantasy was one of them.   (With the likes of reading Earthsea and Gemmall growing up and an unhealthy amount of D&D and Warhammer, there was little chance of anything else).






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