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Epic Fantasy by R.L. Austin



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R.L. Austin

R.L. Austin grew up in the vast corn fields of Illinois. He left the family farm and traveled south to complete his education, earning a Master's degree in Ecology before he settled down in a small Florida town.

R.L. now works as an environmental consultant, and divides his time between work, writing, and his many projects to help save the planet. His first book, Wizard's Refrain, an epic fantasy, was started in 1984, but wasn't completed until 2010. It was worth the wait, however, because Wizard's Refrain took first place honors in the 2010 Royal Palm Literary Awards for fantasy. His second novel, Dark Side Of The Mirror, is a young adult fantasy adventure. Both of his books are available for Kindle and Nook.









Brief synopsis: Wizards once fought each other, and the armies of men, for the right to rule. They have since learned to live in peace with the world of men, but that fragile harmony will soon be shattered.

Karden has shunned the world to mourn the tragic death of his family, but sword master Vasco comes to him when wizards begin to vanish. The resulting investigation catapults Karden to the forefront of a desperate struggle to prevent the rise of a wizard army that wields dark magic.

Dangers mount as opposing forces become locked in a battle of magic against magic, and the escalating conflict forces Karden to make peace with the tragedy of his past. He falls in love with Nara, a sorceress who is both fearless and headstrong, bordering on reckless. She is lured into a conspiracy with a league that is determined to strike at the very heart of the enemy.

The secret plot crumbles and Nara is captured, forcing Karden to confront a treachery that not only threatens his new love, but echoes the pain that nearly destroyed him. As he struggles to save Nara and stop the rise of dark magic, Karden must find the courage to make a terrible sacrifice that will forever change the world.

Wizard's Refrain is here on


Brief synopsis: A young adult fantasy adventure.

Emily has just turned fifteen when her family relocates from New York to San Francisco. She isn't thrilled when they move in with her uncle to save money, but she's determined to cope. Emily's new life, however, quickly spirals out of control when her uncle turns out to be a creep, she can't make any new friends, and her parents take her to a psychologist when she insists that voices are coming from the mirrors, voices only she can hear.

One of those voices belongs to a boy named Tyler. Emily feels drawn to him and decides to help, even after she discovers that her uncle imprisoned Tyler in the mirror. The decision sets her on a path of self-discovery, with new-found powers, a dark family secret, a cute boy she's crazy about, parents who think she's gone bonkers, and an uncle who wants to destroy her.

Emily must find her inner strength before all her troubles come crashing down on her.

For readers 12+, and young adults of all ages.

Dark Side of the Mirror is available here on


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