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NetherWorld by Daniel Pagan



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NetherWorld by Daniel Pagan


A young man opens a door to a world inside his computer while playing a video game. Drawn into this cyber dimension, where green data streams flow from the Silver Forest into the Walled City, he embarks on a journey. His guide, a dizzy blue sphere known as WhizzyWig, helps him reach his destination. He encounters the Duke of Floppys, NazKlan of the Salted Sands, and the Tainted Ones...

While playing a video game a young man from Karbonon unwittingly opens a door to NetherWorld; a universe that exists inside his computer. Before long, he is on a quest to save both worlds. Filled with strange and sometimes hilarious creatures, Nick is convinced that he is stuck in some kind of dream. His guide, a dizzy blue sphere named WhizzyWig, takes him deep inside the Walled City filled with bustling Bytes going about their business. Dark forces from Karbonon and NetherWorld fight to prevent this merger of life forms. The fates of both worlds are inextricably tied stopping a viral onslaught from NazKlan and the Hacker. With time diminishing and the viral attacks escalating, it is a mad race to save both dimensions from almost certain doom.

NetherWorld exists within the web that runs all computers on Karbonon. Bytes, Silicate creatures that perform all the computer tasks, serve the needs of users on Karbonon. This system worked perfectly well until someone created computer viruses, spyware and spam. Any time a virus enters the web, a torrential tainted rain falls into the Jaba streams, polluting the food source of NetherWorld. Throngs of healthy Bytes are going corrupt at an alarming pace.

According to the Book of TranFor, a Karbon must Join with Tera, Queen of NetherWorld to build a balance between dimensions. Nick and WhizzyWig seek out help from the Duke of Floppys and the Randoms of HateAsh on their journey. Before they can reach their destination, they must dodge the forces bent on preventing this Joining between Karbon and Silicate.
NazKlan, a rebel Byte, wants to destroy all Karbons and allow the Bytes to determine their own destiny. His sector was devastated by spammers and viruses. His once thriving cyber city was reduced to a vast wasteland known as The Salted Sands. He gathered forces in NetherWorld and one very important ally in Karbonon, known as Hacker.

The Hacker is a bitter young man who wants to hurt the Karbons because of the way they have treated him. NazKlan enlists the Hacker's help to fulfill his plan to destroy Karbonon. With an army of creatures, NazKlan will stop at nothing to stop Nick from Joining with the Queen. Formed from shredded body parts of corrupt Bytes, NazKlan's undead army of Pixals, Kooks and Spammers prepare for battle. Time is running out, and the road to Tera is fraught with peril.

Available on in Kindle: NetherWorld



About the Author Daniel Pagan

Dan spent the better part of two decades working in various sectors of financial services, most of which imploded during the Wall Street meltdown.

After climbing out of toxic debt rubble, he had an epiphany: no more cubicles; no more standing room only rides in crowded aromatic subway trains. From that day forward, he went on a walkabout and was never the same.

When not hiking in undisclosed rain-forest locations to observe exotic pet rock dances and sacred rites involving discarded beanie babies; he retires to one of the last communes of aging hippies to resume his writing endeavors.

Dan's passions include toothpaste, kitty litter and leftover meatloaf.

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