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How to Make a Shoebox Diorama



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How To Make A Shoebox Diorama - Page 2 - Making and putting in the background

put in the background Step 2 Install the Background - Apply a blue sheet of construction paper to the top of the box as shown. And apply a piece of green construction paper to the bottom of the box (This green is the ground your knight will stand on) Now lay the background into the shoebox. Do not lay it flat. Curve it in. This will give it a more realistic feeling. Tape or glue it in place.





If you made some clouds out of construction paper you could add them in near the top now if you want to. But it would probably be better to wait until the dragon is in place.

Step 3. Create and install the distant landscape with the castle

Cut out a long strip of black construction paper in the shape of a landscape with some scenery - a silhouette of a castle would be nice. Then glue this landscape into the diorama. Curve it right into the scene. It is ok if it doesn't sit flat against the blue construction paper. This will give it the illusion of distance.


install a landscape


green ground If you haven't placed green construction paper into the bottom of this shoebox then you should do it now. This is the ground for your knight to stand on.



Remember that this is your project so you don't have to do everything exactly like I do it. Here is an example. You could Draw on the ground. Add rocks and other things. Later on you could even glue things right onto this surface - things like rocks and real grass and moss.


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