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The Runelords Series


The Runelords Series
Author: David Farland

There are currently five books in the series:

  1. The Runelords: The Sum of All Men (2003)
  2. Brotherhood of the Wolf (The Runelords Book 2) (2001)
  3. Wizardborn (The Runelords Book 3) (1999)
  4. The Lair of Bones (The Runelords Book 4) (1999
  5. Sons of the Oak (The Runelords Book 5) (Nov 2006)


Sons of the Oak (Runelords) Certain works of fantasy are immediately recognizable as monuments, towering above the rest of the category. Authors of those works, such as Stephen R. Donaldson, Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind, come immediately to mind. Add to that list David Farland, whose epic fantasy series continues now.

The story picks up eight years after the events of Lair of Bones and begins a new chapter in the Runelords saga focusing on Gaborn's son, Fallion. Gaborn, the Earth King, has been traveling far from his home, to strange and unknown places. While beyond the edge of the earth, he finally succumbs to the accelerated aging that comes from all of the endowments he has taken. His death is the signal for a revolution, an attack from the supernatural realms by immensely powerful immortal beings.

These forces have discovered that Gaborn's son is the resurrection of an immortal, one whose potential power is so great that he might be able to reorder the entire universe. Fallion's enemies have decided that they must control him, and failing that, destroy him. He is only a child, but he is the heir to Gaborn's kingdom, and so must flee to the ends of the earth to avoid the destruction of all that Gaborn accomplished.

One of the mightiest of contemporary fantasy epics continues. And Don't Forget that The Runelords is being made into a major motion Picture.

The series of books has a great theme where people can endow their strengths upon other people. So a person can give his physical strength or his eyesight or other abilities to another person. Because of this a hero can gather an enormous amount of ability from others . But there is a trade off. The hero must care for those that have endowed him. So a powerful hero could have hundreds of people to care for.

One of the great things about these books is that they delve into the social and moral ramifications of these acts.

Other books by the author: Worlds of the Golden Queen, Beyond the Gate (Book Two of the Golden Queen) and Lords of the Seventh Swarm (Book Three)


The author name David Farland is a pen name for Dave Wolverton the Science Fiction writer.

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