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A Review of Robert Low's Viking series: Oathsworn



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Series Review: The OathSworn Series by Robert Low (The Whale Road, The Wolf Sea, The White Raven and The Prow Beast) by Robert Low (Age 16+ - 10/10 Star rating)
Review by Rebecca





This series truly highlights the genuine fellowship, kinship and brotherhood Viking warriors had and forged together whether in battle on land or at sea. Yet it also shows their darker side, that of their ever growing hunger for riches, fame and glory which in this collection leads the group of character to some very sinister places and encounters some dark legends.

The main character is Orm Ruriksson a young Norwegian who is thrown into the brutal arms of the Oathsworn, a band of Viking treasure hunters and raiders who steal precious items for gold. After a raid on a church in Scotland they are requested to find a special sword, one that is not only meant to be cursed but to belong to the once great Atilla the Hun.

After discovering Atilla's final resting place the group are thwarted by a betrayal and the sword, Rune Serpent, is stolen. With the location of the mass of Atilla's treasure engraved in runes only understandable to Orm the weary team are led on a wild and blood frenzied chase from Greece to Jerusalem to reclaim what they are owed and to also take their vengeance on the oath breaker.

At an uncomfortable peace in their new homestead with women and horses to raise the crew of the Oathsworn are released from their land restlessness when an old enemy pays them a bloody visit. Two members are kidnapped and the others must go on a long and dangerous trek across many lands to save them. Yet Amazonian tribeswomen stand in their way for this band of female warriors are sworn to protect Atilla's treasure at all costs and they want the sword back.

Travel weary and battle worn the Oathsworn are regathered at their ruined homestead and begin to rebuild their lives and contemplate the many years of dull peace they can now endure on land. Yet a long forgotten enemy launches a devastating attack and drives them wounded and defeated into the hills. That isn't the last of their problems, not only have they Queen Sigrith pregnant with her soon to be born son but Orm's own foster child has been kidnapped. The group are now caught in two desperate struggles to avenge their honour and keep their sworn protection of the Queen and the child who may yet become king.

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