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The Leviathan Trilogy



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Book review - The Leviathan Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld
review by Taylor Libbert

The Trilogy is composed of three books: Leviathan, Behemoth, and Goliath. All are available on The Leviathan Trilogy





Taylor's Review

Deryn Sharp has a brother, Jaspert, fighting on a fabircated beast airship in the Great War. Jaspert has told all his friends on their warship about his sister, Deryn. However, she wants to fight for the British in the war, can't because everyone on the airship knows that Jaspert has a sister, no younger brothers, and has a plan anyway. Her family disagrees with her, saying she is foolish and won't last posing a man for long. Deryn trys and succeeds into the British Air Force, now playing the part as her brother's cousin, called Dylan Sharp, for the Darwinists.

Meanwhile, the war started the poisoning of arch-duke Franz Ferdinand by the Germans. They have been wanting the war, failed at their early attempted that day to kill him while in the streets, and now Franz Ferdinand and his wife are dead, leaving their son, Alek to flee from the Germans who want to finish the job . Ferdinand thought that something might happen to him so he built a safe house in utter secrecy hidden in the mountains outside of Austria. Alek is flug into the peasant world, on the road in the machine controlled world of a Clanker country.

This book is an alternative history of World War One, with the opposing sides being Darwinist (Allies) and the Clankers (Central). I thoroughly enjoyed the series, from the start with Leviathan , middle ground with Behemoth , and ending with Goliath . The author captures Deryn, posing as Dylan, well for her being a girl trying to understand a boy's world, and Alek, for not being able to belong to his country. The story entirely owns its high and low points, drawing me, the reader, ever closer into the will of Alek and Deryn. I have not found a book close to this trilogy yet, and hope not because nothing would entice me like how this trilogy was put together. I recommend this book completely.



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