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Review: The Elves of Cintra



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Book review - The Elves of Cintra (Genesis of Shannara, Book 2)

The Elves of Cintra (Genesis of Shannara, Book2 )

This review of book 2 is written by author Michelle Hamilton. You can check out her review of Book 1 in the series (Armageddon's Children). And you can also check out her novel (Emerald) here.

The Tombs of Atuan is the second book in LeGuin’s Earthsea series of books. At less than 150 pages in length it is a small yet magical book that is suitable for children and adults. This is a perfect book for bedtime stories or if you want something light that won’t take a year to finish.


The Review

The second novel in the Genesis of Shannara series, The Elves of Cintra , breaks the mold for middle books in a trilogy. The Elves of Cintra continues the journey of the characters from the first book, shifting some of the alliances and introducing new players. Picking up where the previous novel ended, the characters are all on paths to save the world from demons bent on its destruction.

Wandering though the Pacific Northwest in a post-apocalyptic America, Logan Tom and the Ghosts search for the missing Hawk, who disappeared after being cast from the walls of a human compound. Knight of the Word Angel Perez ventures into elven territory with the help of her fairy guide, a tatterdemalion named Ailie. In the meantime, the Chosen Kirisin Belloruus must solve the mystery of the Loden stone and find a way to save the Ellcrys from the advancing demon horde.

While most middle books in a trilogy are mainly transitions from the beginning to the climatic end, The Elves of Cintra allows Brooks to develop some of the peripheral characters, so much so that they steal center stage. The action sequences and the adventure keep the reader turning the pages, while new characters add depth and humor to those we've grown to love.

With The Elves of Cintra , Brooks moves more surely back into a fantasy world. This novel is less about the destruction of our civilization and more about the gradually emerging world of Shannara that so many of us have adored for more than 30 years.

By ML Hamilton Author of Emerald - Visit her website and learn more about Emerald here:

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