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NEW: Viking Books and Series
I have a new section on the website that is all about viking books both historical viking and norse fantasy.

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Book review - The Age of Odin

The Age of Odin

Gideon Dixon was a good solider but bad at everything else. Now the British Army doesn't want him any more. So when he hears about the Valhalla Project it seems like a dream come true. They're recruiting from service personnel for execellent pay with no questions asked to take part in unspecified combat operations. The last thing Gideon expects is to finding himself fighting alongside the gods of the ancient Norse pantheon. The world is in the grip of one of the worst winters it has ever known, and Ragnarok-the fabled final conflict of the Sagas-is looming.

The Review

This book is the most gripping, thrilling, action packed, storytelling genius with a big dollop of fantastic norse mythology I have ever come across.
Set in an ice-age pending modern world, in the northern part of england, you follow the trials and tribulations of ex-soldier Gid and his unusual friend Abortion as they follow a tip off of a group wanting such soldiers no questions asked on past military history for a few weeks of extremely well paid work. For Gid this could provide him with a chance to repair his life with his ex wife and distant son or so he hopes, until Abortion high on drugs gets behind the wheel during a blizzard and crashes the car - badly.
What happens from that incident is the start of a true epic saga-porportion tale that brings modern warfare and technology beutifully together with the strength, support, mystery and magic of the Asier Gods as they fight the changing times and impeding Ragnarok.
Each chapter is short, punchy and enchants you through one adventure and encounter to another, the Gods themselves and the mortal soldiers under their employment make an excellent cast and the storytelling is of such brilliant quality that you can't help but let your imagination portray the words into a million dollar movie in your mind. Boy it does make excellent material for one and who knows if the Thor movie makes a good impression perhaps more of mankind will look to these heroic gods with human hearts for more tales of strength, love, passion, loyalty, cunning and most importantly survival.
This is a definite must read for any fan of norse mythology and for those who dabble in a bit of sci-fi - this is the one book that blends sci-fi and fantasy as beautifully as the horizon of sky meets the vast expanse of the sea.

About Rebecca
Want to adventure throught the lands of the Vikings? The height of the Vikings is an amazing period of time and there is a lot of great fiction that is based on historical facts from that period and place. Rebecca Wilson has written a guide to the genre and to some of the best works in the genre.

If you are fascinated by the subject of Vikings you should check out her blog at:

You can follow her on Twitter @soulchaserbecky.

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