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Book review - Sapphique by Catherine Fisher
Review by Taylor Libbert

Finn has escaped Incarceron, but Keiro and Attia are still Inside. Outside, things are not at all what Finn expected - and both Finn's and Claudia's very lives hang on Finn convincing the Court that he is the lost prince. Back Inside, Keiro and Attia are on the hunt for Sapphique's glove, which legend says he used to escape. In order to find it, they must battle the prison itself. Incarceron has built itself a body and it wants to go Outside - just like Sapphique, the only prisoner Incarceron ever loved.

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   In the  conclusion of Incarceron , surprises are around every corner.  You can't expect anything to be as it seems. Claudia and Finn are still at Court two months after Finn has left the Prison. He has not been convincing in front of Queen Sia, whom she and all of the Court believe Finn is a fraud and prison scum. Finn remembers close to nothing of being Prince Giles, but still has visions like those from inside Incarceron. Jared has not figured out why they are still coming and how to fix them -- nor fix the Portal, which was broken when the Warden, Claudia's father, went through it, into Incarceron.

Claudia is trying to learn all about being the Warden, but needs permission to access to the Academy, where all the knowledge of the Incarceron comes from, and that permission comes from the cunning Queen herself. Claudia has also to deal with Finn's temperaments about Protocol, which is designed to make life perfect. However, Finn is discovering that Outside is just like Incarceron, a prison.

From inside Incarceron, Attia and Keiro are waiting. Finn has yet to come back from the Outside and save them like he promised, so they are trying to find the way that the mythical Sapphique had taken. Along the way, they meet the Dark Enchanter who gloats that he has Sapphique's dragon skin glove. Attia and Keiro are not the only people who want the glove. Other people want to see the Outside -- and so does Incarceron. Yet, the system of the Prison has been failing; Incarceron has been accidently making some half-human. They are people but made with the recycled parts of Incarceron. This Prison lives and breathes. It is a life bringer and a life taker.   

 Become enchained by this jaw-clenching, breath-taking adventure of Finn, Claudia, Jared, Keiro, Attia and Incarceron in Sapphique by Catherine Fisher.


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