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Red Ice by Susie Cornfield



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Book review - Red Ice by Susie Cornfield
review by Alyssa

In the third and concluding volume of the satirical sci-fi trilogy, The Chronicles of Dekaydence, Mother Nature quits God. God quits Heaven. Clowns invade Heaven. Meanwhile, back on earth, Will, Ruby Q and Piccolo pursue their dreams but experience nightmares. They now realise what the Phoenix knew all along - it's not climate change ruining the planet so much as greedy, corrupt adults such as those working for the Company of Dekaydence, under the control of the ruthless Lord di'Abalo. There's a killer chocolate cake on the loose, and a strange drug that erases most anyone who gets in the way of progress. Times, they are a changin' and getting darker by the day. There's a lost mother to encounter; justice for a murdered father; and time to admit a secret love. And then there's Colin, a wild crazy liz'oid addicted to tomato ketchup, that makes the metal critters, the haggoids, Cromarty and Ross, look like cuddly toys.

Available on here: Red Ice (The Chronicles of Dekaydence)


Alyssa's Review

Red Ice by Susie Cornfield

Red Ice starts off with a dialogue between Mother Nature and God in which Mother Nature decides to part ways with God, setting the perfect opening predicament to a well developed and exciting novel. Back on earth, super hero resembling protagonist ‘the Phoenix' is working diligently to expose social injustices and exterminate any capitalist developments. Primary characters journalist Ruby Q, Prince Will, and musician Piccolo are caught in the midst of this chaos, and undergo a shocking yet insightful discovery; the world was being destroyed by climate change, as they had already thought, but it is also being destroyed by expansion of greed and wickedness. With the Phoenix being captured, it is up to these three friends to stay true to themselves and their beliefs, in order to save their dying planet.

Red Ice by Susie Cornfield was written with incredible originality and impeccable creativity. Exciting from beginning to end, Red Ice is one of the rare fiction books in which readers are able to relate to both the characters and the problems they encounter. The novel itself is calling all it's readers to take a step back from the hustle of our everyday lives and engage us in preserving our own planet. It's inspiring, and makes me hopeful that one day everyone can in some small way resemble the Phoenix, Ruby Q, Will, and Piccolo. Red Ice gets **** stars.

-Alyssa Rodriguez


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