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A Myth of the Night



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Book review - A Myth of the Night by Cora Choi
review by Alyssa

Welcome to Stauros Island, where the heroes and heroines of lost myths and legends come to life.

Once home to the illustrious Order of the Crane -- guardians of the world's myths and legends -- Stauros Island, now in the hands of the Order of the Shrike, is an elite university whose students are guaranteed positions of power upon graduating.

However, a dark curse hangs over the island: students are disappearing. The school officials declare it the work of a demon, and blame Hugh Fogg -- a young monk of the Order of the Crane who died 400 years earlier.

Could the spirit of a young man who died in 1615 come back to haunt an island and terrorize its students? If so, for what purpose? A Myth to the Night is Hugh's story and his struggle to see his mission complete.

Part I is the first installment of a five-part series. For more information, please visit the site:

Available on here: A Myth to the Night - Part I


Some thoughts from the Author: It's a YA Fantasy novel geared towards readers who are in high school. The setting  is contemporary, however the story includes many motifs found in ancient myths and legends. I had originally planned for it to be a graphic novel but found that the drawings couldn't express the deeper emotions that were the essence of my characters - the narrator especially.
The title is A Myth to the Night (inspired by Novalis's Hymns to the Night but the story has nothing to do with German Romanticism). The narrator and main character is Hugh Fogg, a phantom who has been haunting Stauros Island for the last four hundred years. Stauros Island is home to an elite university, and a mong the students, Hugh hopes to find the hero of a myth - a story that he believes is true. However, in a horrible twist of fate, several students begin disappearing and Hugh is blamed. 
Hugh keeps himself in isolation for years until he befriends a student on the island and together they try to uncover the truth about the missing students. The journey leads them to discover the corruption not only within the school but among the powers that control society.



Alyssa's Review

A Myth to the Night, the first part of a five part series, written by Cora Choi, is unique and vivacious. Set on the mysterious Stauros Island, heroes and heroines of myths and legends are free to come to life. After the Order of the Crane (illustrious guardians of the myths and legends) falls to the Order of the Shrike, the Order of the Shrike created a distinguished university on the island. Tension arises however, when mysterious disappearances of students start to occur. Blaming protagonist Hugh Fogg, the story starts to develop.

A Myth to the Night is obviously very well written. Aside from a well developed and intriguing plot, the first part of the A Myth to the Night is the perfect set up to a predictably interesting five part series. Cora Choi's main character Hugh Fogg definitely undergoes obstacles throughout his life as a human and as a phantom. Being isolated as well as an independent person from the beginning of the story, Hugh is a relatable yet pitiable protagonist.

I rate A Myth to the Night a solid 4/5 stars, and I would definitely recommend it. I'm excited to see how the next four parts pan out.

A Myth to the Night - Part II







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