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The Fantasy Guide to enjoying Mythology

Interested in myths like the legend of King Arthur or maybe Greek and Roman Myths? These myths have a very strong position in the hearts, minds, and psyche of the collective human race and they have survived thousands of years for very good reason.

This guide takes a look at how you can better enjoy the myths that have been passed down to us. Adventure into Sherwood Forest. Sit at the Round Table or follow Jason as he takes the Argonauts on a journey around the world!

But there are actually many different ways to approach the reading of mythological works and in this guide I am going to guide you through two different ways you can approach them.

A beautiful re-telling of many of the greatest myths

One of the greatest challenges to enjoying mythic stories is the challenge of language. Many of these myths were written in other languages or in a very old version of english. So you have to get a book that updates the myth to modern day without losing any of the magic or enchantment of the story. The best resource for you to do this is to take a look at the various works of Thomas Bulfinch. He wrote a series of books in the 19th century and some of the more popular ones are The Age of fables, The Age of Chivalry, and The Legends of Charlemagne. These books are all still available and since their publication over 100 years ago there have also been some outstanding revisions and updates.
The goal of Bulfinch with these works was to bring mythology and fables to the common man. His self-proclaimed goal was to "teach mythology not as a study but as a relaxation from study." His books are a wonderful retelling of myths and they are handsomely illustrated. Subsequent revisions are also often beautiful in their own right. If you are interested in reading myths, legends, and fables you should consider getting some of his work.

A thoughtful analysis of myths and their significance in our lives

If you want a more analytical viewpoint of fables and myths and what they mean to us as human beings you should consider reading some of the works of Joseph Campbell. He is a contemporary scholar and writer who has created a beautiful body of work revolving around myths and how they define us as human beings. And more particularly he looks at myths and what they mean to you, and how understanding them and listening to them can help you transform your life. This is really some great and insightful stuff. Some of his more famous works include: The Hero with a Thousand Faces, The Power of Myth, and Pathways to Bliss: Mythologies to Personal Transformation.
There is also a critically acclaimed PBS six-part DVD called The Power of Myth that is simply fantastic. In it Bill Moyers interviews and talks with Joseph Campbell about mythology and his philosophy.

Whether you take the approach of Bulfinch and read myths just for the sheer enjoyment or you take Joseph Campbell’s approach to myths as a guide to understanding life and living you are going to thoroughly get engrossed and be hooked forever!


Want to read some of their works? I have put together an amazon store with some of the best works of these two authors:

Bulfinch and Joseph Campbell - Approaches to Myths


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