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NEW: Viking Books and Series
I have a new section on the website that is all about viking books both historical viking and norse fantasy.

NEW HBO Series: A Game of Thrones
HBO is producing a series based on the George RR Martin A Song of Ice and fire series of books. To be released early next spring and starring Lena Headey and Sean Bean.

The Massive list of Fantasy Series
Looking for a series to read? Here is the biggest list of fantasy series on the web.

Award Winning Children's fantasy books
Awards are a sure fire way to find the best books in Childrens Fantasy.

The Heroes of Fantasy
Learn about some of the top heroes in fantasy also find one by theme such as assassin, wizard, anti-hero or orphan turned hero.

The Top 50 Science Fiction and Fantasy books of the Century
As judged by the Science Fiction Book Club. Nice explanation and list of the books. Good Guide for the best reading in SF&F.

The Top Selling Fantasy books at
Take clues from what others in the fantas community are reading and buying

Fantasy Articles

Articles about a wide range of topics in the world of fantasy. If you have written an article and would like to see it on this site just look for the submit button at the bottom of this page.

The 5 Most Influential women writers of fantasy -

They have had a tremendous influence on the world of fantasy. Which do you think should be in the top five? Read article here


The Fantasy Guide to Reading Myths -

Want to learn about King Arthur or the ancient Roman and Greek myths? Myths have stayed with us for thousand of years for a reason! They are good! And relevant to us as human beings. My fantasy guide takes two different approaches to enjoying this genre Bulfinch and Campbell - Two approaches to myth

Searching for the Romance In Speculative Fiction by Robin Hazeltine

Robin brings up some good points in this article. Why does speculative fiction tend to focus on the big picture of conquering worlds and slaying evil lords while the most important aspect of being human is often left out? Read article

Archetypes in Fantasy Writing by Marilyn Peake

This outstanding essay gives us a look at some of the major archetypes in fantasy writing such as the hero, the child, the princess, and the mother. Read the Article here (And be sure to check out her website for more!) Read Article

How to Write a Great Combat Scene – Advice for Fantasy Writers

A great combat scene is a memorable event in your reader’s life. It is a microcosm of the struggle that is contained in the book itself. And good combat scenes are often dog-eared by readers and returned to over and over again. You can give your reader a great combat experience if you follow a few simple guidelines. Read Article

The Dark Tower's Last Stand: Stephen King & Epic Fantasy

An article about Stephen King and the Dark Tower series - IT is the rare writer that can transcend genres and Mr. King is that rare writer. Read Article

The History of Dragons and Why dragon Tattoos are so popular.

Interesting article about the different types of dragons from western to eastern, korean to japanese and how this reflects on tattoos Read Article

Fact vs Fantasy or Myth in Medieval Times

The mention of Medieval Times brings about visions of Knights in Shining Armor, often saving a beautiful young Maiden from the flaming jaws of a great Dragon...Or possibly, a mentioning of the times brings about thoughts of beautiful Castles gleaming in the sun...while I just KNOW that in one of those tall towers dwells a Sleeping Princess..just waiting for the kiss of her true love to wake her. As the fairy tale would have it, the couple would then live "happily ever after" and the kingdom would flourish in the wake of such magical love and utter happiness. Read article

It's All About The Cover - Advice for Self Published Authors

With the tremendous success of the Print on demand industry there is now a wealth of self published books. An aspiring author can now publish a book at zero cost then purchase copies for himself and his family at steeply discounted prices. This change in self publishing has brought a veritable revolution in the industry. Read Article

Have courage in your writing - advice for the epic fantasy writer

It is a fundemantal paradox of the genre. They write about characters riddled with angst and thrown into impossible situations.Yet in their own lives they write "safe" novels that follow the formula that Tolkien and Campbell have outlined. Have courage in your writing. Read Article

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