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Jack Eason

Jack is the author of two Heroic Fantasy novels "Turning Point" and "Onet's Tale". These are the first two parts of a trilogy.

You can download and read Turning Point on his scribd page: Jack Eason or you can connect with him on Facebook or you can download it from this website here: Turning Point - (.pdf format)



Turning Point Synopsis

Turning Point is a science fiction story set in New Zealand and other parts of the planet in the present. It concerns the adventures of the human hero Tom who, while backpacking in a valley in South Westland National park in New Zealand discovers a hidden valley. The valley and all its flora and fauna are from another time. Tom soon learns he has been guided to the valley by its inhabitants the Nephile an ancient race who first colonised the earth many thousands of years ago after being driven from their home planet in the Andromedan galaxy by their ancient enemies the Drana.

He is told about others like himself who have a strong desire to assemble in various locations across the globe. Because the Drana have been alerted once more to the presence of the Nephile wanting to wipe them out and take over the earth, Tom, and his newfound friend’s race across the globe to pick up the others and bring them back to the valley to form a new type of Human-Nephile in order to fight off the invasion.

The Drana had been to earth once before millennia ago, settling on the Indian subcontinent from where they ruled the planet. Departing to conquer more planetary systems, the Drana left the Khaz, a self-replicating species of alien behind to control the human population. But the Nephile in the past had countered every evil move the Khaz made, protecting mankind from the Khaz influence. The Drana battle fleet

returns and tries to retake the earth once more. So the Nephile, Tom and the other volunteers begin the monumental task of defending the earth and its inhabitants from the Drana/Khaz alliance.

The climax of the story is the last ditch stand to defend the valley and the planet against the Drana forces back in New Zealand and as a last resort, make use of the Nephile’s ultimate weapon, the Mergiddon, to bring peace once more to the earth.

Onet's Tale Synopsis

Onet’s tale is a story of evil destruction across the cosmos told by one of the last remaining members of an ancient species called Khaz. The storyteller Onet writes the tale while he waits for the evil to arrive, created by his brothers meddling after they have put into place events, which will lead to the birth of an all-powerful being more destructive than any could imagine.

Onet does not share the same feelings for power and greed that his Khaz brothers crave; he is concerned with restoring order and peace to the cosmos. Consequently, his story is told from his own apologetic perspective angered by the way, his kind has ruined everything during his long life.

The first part Onet’s story ‘New Alliance’, involves the unlikely partnership between some young Human-Nephile’s and disgraced Drana thrown together as slave labour in a Drana-run mine on a lonely planet close to the Drana Empire while the war between the empire and combined forces of the Alliance of Planets rages across the cosmos.

As events gradually unfold, the disparate group manages to escape, finding sanctuary on a deserted beautiful and deadly planet called Kallorn. While exploring the planet they encounter an avatar. Things worsen for the survivors on Kallorn. Our heroes escape transformed by the avatar into an entirely new species of berserkers and return to the violent war torn emptiness of space.

Things again take a turn for the worse when because of meddling by one of Onet’s kin; the avatar is changed into a killing machine bent on destroying all life. Our heroes follow the bloody trail of destruction across the cosmos and eventually confront the evil killing machine on a new continent called Gilgama here on earth. A gargantuan battle ensues between the heroes and their allies the remnants of humanity and a vast berserker army created by the evil avatar.

Finally one of the heroes named Akhen destroys her in single combat and leaves the planet forever in voluntary exile far from any other living thing now the vessel for her evil essence. Onet continues to wait after Akhen’s victory, for the birth of the ultimate being a few short years after the first part of the story ends.

Onet continues narrating the second part of the saga ‘Orion’s Belt’, forty-five years later. Because of his great age he is becoming more confused over who or what it is, he is actually waiting for. While he waits, he continues the story of the creation of the second hero Goran after DNA manipulation by Onet’s kin had again gone terribly wrong in space. He tells how Goran and his four friends manage to survive in the dangerous world of the berserkers here on Earth.

Goran is driven from his home in Gilgama, eventually ending up alone in the hills of Gozo in the Maltese Islands. Along the way, Goran meets his soul mate and while they

are blessed with a very special child named Sefani, who Onet is convinced is the evil he has been waiting for, their union is cursed.

As the time draws near, Onet begins to panic while he tells his tale, still confused. The ultimate twist at the end will give you pause for thought when Onet realizes too late he has been mistaken all along.



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