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Worlds Unseen by Rachel Starr Thomson

Worlds Unseen by Rachel Starr Thomson

Maggie Sheffield's life has been haunted by seemingly disconnected tragedies, pieces that form a puzzle she doesn't understand. Her confusion about the past mirrors that of her whole world: they've been taught that the empire saved them from destruction, but then why does the empire seem bent on enslaving its own people? They've been taught that stories of an ancient war, a terrifying enemy, and a majestic king are all myths — but then why are those who try to learn more about them sabotaged or killed?


When a dying friend shows up at Maggie's island home bearing proof that the “myths” are not myths at all, but reality — and that the enemy of the ancient days is coming back, and their only hope of stopping him is in finding the King — Maggie agrees to carry the proof to a scholar  on the continent who may be able to help her piece together the truth about her world and the secrets of her own past. Chased by shadow creatures bent on destroying them and reclaiming the proof they carry, Maggie, the Gypsy Nicolas Fisher, and the blind seer Virgina Ramsey journey toward truth, destiny, and revelations that will change their lives forever.

- “A wonderfully realistic fantasy world. Recommended.” – Jill Williamson, Christy-Award-Winning Author of By Darkness Hid

-“Epic, beautiful, well-written fantasy that sings of Christian truth.” – Rael, reader

AUTHOR BIO: Rachel Starr Thomson has loved fantasy as long as she's had an imagination, which is pretty much always. Her passion for the connection between fantasy stories and following God is seen in the Seventh World Trilogy, in her posts at Inklings and Speculative Faith, in her reviewing work with the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour, and in projects like The Romany Epistles (a multiple-author fantasy series posted online — Taerith is Rachel's contribution), as well as in Rachel's short stories and other work.

Rachel is a homeschool graduate and the oldest of twelve kids. She's a freelance writer and editor by trade. She also co-directs Soli Deo Gloria Ballet, a performing arts company that seeks to explore truth and glorify God through classical ballet, music, and the spoken word.

You can find Rachel on Facebook or on Twitter @writerstarr. Check out , her main website, for more info on Rachel's work, or visit to explore the Seventh World Trilogy.

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