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The Knight of Darkened Light by Andrew Legend

Four decades passed since the last Relic war ravished the oppositional lands of Windpass Isles and Gaedia - a war that ceased in bloodied truce.

Drewth is a Commander knight under Western Gaedia's lordship - Syndirin, a high wizard and the king's Arbiter. Syndirin, with questionably unclear motive, promotes Drewth as his second, and commences the personal training of Drewth in the ways of magic - and to become the unwitting subject of Syndirin's experimental meddle with the mythical powers of Darkened Light, despite the danger, and despite what sacrifice.

Torius, a castle knight in Southern Windpass Isles and Mundane-born, is taken captive by a conspirative clique under Lord Syndirin, where he discovers from these captors their insidious campaign to rekindle the long dead Relic war, in pursuit of Relic's power.

Enflamed by an unforgivable betrayal of Syndirin, vengeance transforms Drewth forever within - his Element undergoes a rare alteration, he turns renegade to Gaedia, and allies with Torius, prisoner of Syndirin's clique. Together they battle for their lives out from the now enemy territory.

They find themselves fatefully party to a band of peasant prisoners with rare abilities invoked from the trials they face in their likewise escape from the treasonous Arbiter, Syndirin.

And if odds turn to favor in their fight for survival, there is still threat to hand of a devastating magic war, a campaign in itself to acquire both kingdom's all-powerful Relics in the wake of their mutual destruction.

This book is available on in kindle format and will soon be released in paperback. The Knight of Darkened Light



About the Author

Andrew Legend is a writer and illustrator from Racine, Wisconsin. He has been creating the Esperynzian adventures for years, and now has begun to produce them in written form, starting with this first adventure.



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