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I have a new section on the website that is all about viking books both historical viking and norse fantasy.

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The Deeds of David Hobbes by Stephen Shepard

The Deeds of David Hobbes


Join David Hobbes as he roams the countryside in search of adventure. Goblin and troll, wraith and devil, all end powerless before the superior wits of David Hobbes. Follow the tale as David and his companions hunt goblins through the woods, empowered by their magic and strengthened by their union. Pitted against the evils of their world, the companions struggle to scrape out an existence and carve a world of their own out of the turmoil. Also at war with the evils of a troubled world is the Goblin City, a place for rehabilitated goblins of the underworld, brought to decency through the effort of Sheila, the Goblin Hunter. The Goblin City comes under attack as forces move throughout the land, endangering the companions' sanctuary and sending them into danger's path to face the most ferocious enemy yet. The group is tested to their limits as they struggle to prevail against all odds. The book is a fun, adventurous tale of deeds and feats by the most interesting of characters. It captures love and misery in its eventful mixture of adventure and destiny.


Enter a World of Magic and Heroes with The Deeds of David Hobbes


Evil goblins, malicious trolls and other pesky creatures are just some of the challenges David must face in The Deeds of David Hobbes.

Set in another place and time, The Deeds of David Hobbes is a thrilling fantasy adventure. Teenagers and adults alike will cheer for David as he uses his wit and skills to protect his home from evil forces.

Written in a series of short stories, David Hobbes travels to the far corners of his world, meeting friends and foes. During his travels, David assembles a band of humans and beasts to help him in his quest. Fighting side by side, David and his unlikely companions soon become family to each other, as well as friends.

About the author

Stephen Shepard lives in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania , where he enjoys writing and reading. His particular favorites include poetry, short stories and science fiction novels.

About the publisher

Headquartered in Portland , Ore., Inkwater Press has published more than 600 titles, including fiction and nonfiction, poetry and children’s books. Inkwater Press is a division of First Books, which was founded in 1988. The company is committed to a sustainable future, printing on recycled paper and using no animal-based products. Visit their website here: Inkwater Press


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