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Emerald by M.L. Hamilton


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Emerald by Michelle Hamilton


In one terrible instant, Kai is thrown from his comfortable life and plunged into a conflict that began before he was born. Worse yet, he learns that the one man who can help him is his enemy.

Kiameron is the crown prince of DiNolfol. He is torn between two destinies -- taking the crown upon his father's death or answering the call of his non-Human-like traits, traits associated with the mysterious Stravad.

The decision is made with the destruction of everything he holds dear. Armed with his strange powers and a mysterious talisman he doesn't know how to use, Kai decides to attack Gava, the despot who destroyed his life.

Crippled by self-doubt and fear, he falters in his quest, until he meets a man who forces him to take action. However, his new ally is hiding secrets, secrets that will rob Kai of everything he held sacred.

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About Michelle Hamilton

M.L. Hamilton has been a high school English teacher for the last 17 years. She has always taught at the same school in the central valley of California. She teaches American literature, yearbook, and journalism. She has advised the production of the school magazine for the last decade.

She shares her home with her three sons, two dogs, and two cats. Between band competitions and sporting events, she finds a little time to write.

She began writing the first novel in the World of Samar series, Emerald, in high school. It has gone through many incarnations since that time. In 2008, she self-published it in two volumes. In 2009, she finished a contemporary fiction novel and entered it in the Amazon Break-Through Novel Contest. The novel, Ravensong, made it past the first round. This past November, Emerald was picked up for publication by Wild Wolf. It will be released early spring of 2010, once again in a one-book format.

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