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I have a new section on the website that is all about viking books both historical viking and norse fantasy.

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Blood Loyalty by D. Fay

Blood Loyalty: An Eoc Novel


Korber ap Grumbly, an apprentice in the fiercely guarded secrets of Eoc's Blood, is deeply loyal to the divine calling of the Terreni as stewards of this ancient magic. When the ruling council asks him to investigate the presence of a traitor who may be leaking the secrets of the Terreni, he responds without hesitation.

During the investigation, evidence points to an Elite plot; the undead organization has been trying to steal the secrets of Eoc's blood to establish chaos over order, on a global scale. When Korber's wife is murdered and his best friend disappears, he finds himself hearing the voice of his wife guiding him through the investigation. After facing sadistic Elven wizards and an Elite Dwarven rune-master, he must battle the high priestess of the Elite and chose loyalty to the Terreni or self preservation and freedom.


Blood LoyaltyIt is also available on Kindle: Blood Loyalty





Book summary

The tale is set in the world of Eoc and tells part of the struggle between the Terreni, who are the stewards of a physical and magical substance called Eoc's Blood, and the Society of the Elite who are an organization of undead made up of all the various races that populate the world. The Society of the Elite have tried for ages to steal the secrets of Eoc's Blood, which will allow them to dominate the various governments throughout the world and will allow the dark god of the Eocian pantheon to overthrow the pantheon and plunge the world into total darkness and chaos.

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About the Author

I'm 40 years old, married, and the father of four children.  By day I'm a mental health professional and graduate student in psychology.  Hailing from Colorado, USA, I write when I get time and keep my fantasy mind twirling by blogging when I can't work on my newest novel idea.  I grew up reading and writing fantasy, and have enjoyed the writings of Tolkien, Alexander, C.S. Lewis, Piers Anthony, Barbara Hambly,  and many others.  I also spent a lot of time playing AD&D when I was in college.  Once I decided to be a novelist I took all this and mixed it up with a love of sword, sorcery, and vampire mythology to create my own style.  My first novel, Blood Loyalty, is the result of mixing all this fantasy background with a desire to try my hand at world building -- a task I find very difficult but very enjoyable.



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